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10 Top Tips to Keep You Motivated for Your Workouts

Whether you’re new to working out or you’re a seasoned pro, we all struggle to keep motivated at times. There are days you just don’t want to finish that final rep or push yourself that extra length in the pool. Let’s be honest there are some days you lack motivation so much that you just don’t feel like working out at all, but we’re here to change that! There are plenty of things you can do to maintain motivation for your workouts and in this blog, we’ve picked our top ten to ensure you stay pumped up for each extra gain!

Why Does Fitness Motivation Drop at Points?

Before we get into our top tips, it’s important to note that everyone goes through a dip in their workouts. We all wish we could be fit and healthy all the time, but the reality is that life throws challenges at us. Simple reasons for that lack of motivation can be boredom of the same routine, physical or mental fatigue, injuries, personal issues, and much more. However, no matter the reason there are ways to boost your energy and mindset around your workout which will enable you to get back on track to hitting your personal fitness goals.

Our Top 10 Tips to Keep Motivated for Your Workouts

1. The Sound of Music

The opposite effect can be true of music we don’t like, contributing to a poor performance with our workouts. This means it’s a small factor that can make a big difference to the way we feel throughout our workouts. So, why not make a playlist of songs you enjoy and get out the headphones. Try adding some upbeat tracks for a fast run, or something a bit slower for those intense final reps in the weight area, to block off the rest of the world and boost your fitness levels!

2. Workout Partner

If you’re someone who loves alone time during your workout then this suggestion might not be for you, but it might be worth a try. A workout partner should be someone you enjoy spending time with that also has an interest in getting the most out of their workouts! They can be your mood booster for the tough days while also being there to push you to new heights. If you actively look forward your time in the gym or the pool, then it makes working out that bit easier!

3. Remember the Little Goals

4. Switch Up Your Diet

Everyone knows we need to maintain a healthy diet, but could you do things differently to get the best out of your workouts? The first thing to ask yourself is what are my fitness goals? Are you aiming to bulk up, lose weight, train towards a sporting event? Once you figure that out then you can go about adjusting your diet for your needs.

5. Track Your Progress

Again, this might seem like an obvious suggestion to some, but keeping track of your progress as you head on your fitness journey can enhance your experience. This can tie into setting yourself goals, however, if you set yourself goals, how are you supposed to know what might be holding you back if you don’t track your progress? There’s plenty of areas to focus on depending on what your targets are and how far along your journey you’ve come. The simplest things to keep note of are your weight, heart rate, how many reps you can do, distance ran, length times, your diet, and so on.

6. Let the Experts Help

7. Think to the Future

8. Swap Gym and Swim

A major influence on people lacking motivation in their workouts is the over familiarity of their fitness routine. While it’s important to have a fitness plan, it is a great idea to have variance within it, as our minds and bodies can get bored of the same pattern each day. An easy way to keep yourself fresh for your workouts is by alternating between the gym and the pool. Most people stick to one, either hitting the weights in the gym on the daily or doing length after length in the pool.

9. Strength in Numbers

10. Take Control of Your Own Fitness Journey

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