As a leading health and fitness services provider in Ireland, the Aura Holohan Group believes in applying its skills and resources where it can make the greatest impact on society and the centres communities it operates in. This is a core strategic focus for us as an organisation and is also deeply embedded in the values of our company.


Aura believes that its CSR Policy should provide long-term benefits to its employees, customers, partners and communities and focuses on 4 main pillars:

  1. Social
  2. Economic
  3. Workplace
  4. Environmental


One of our key priorities is building relationships and trust with our stakeholders. Aura is a people-centric company and we put our employees and customers experience at the heart of all our decisions. Serving the local communities in which our centres operate is therefore a key tenet of our approach and values.

  • Employment Creation and Skills Development: Our centres are built for the people in the communities in which we are based, and we are supported and funded by these people. We therefore work to employ, teach and help the people in these communities wherever we can. We also provide training and development programmes and courses to facilitate opportunities and upskill our employees.
  • Community Engagement: We pride ourselves in how we continuously support and get involved in local initiatives and community projects across our communities. We run a number of outreach programmes and support local business and events.
  • Social Inclusion: Our team has built up key working relationships with various charities, schools, community groups, special needs groups and sports groups across the country to increase levels of participation in sport and fitness at our centres that are publicly accessible to all.
  • Employee Involvement: We ensure our staff are involved in all aspects of the business, as they are integral to the future success of the company. We facilitate several platforms for communication exchange for feedback and ideas as well as providing opportunities to get involved in project teams and company social events.
  • Philanthropy and Sponsorship: we host several internal fundraising events for local charities in our centres. We regularly fund a number of community and national events and projects. We also organise for our staff to volunteer in educational activities and outreach initiatives during work hours, for example regularly doing fitness programmes in local schools and conducting free water safety talks in schools around the locality.
A swimmer prepares to take on the 2.7km Boyne Swim which is sponsored by Aura Leisure.
A swimmer prepares to take on the 2.7km Boyne Swim which is sponsored by Aura Leisure.


Our impact on the economy and our relationship with our customers, suppliers and business partners is a core part of business. We ensure we operate in an ethical and sustainable manner throughout every aspect of the business.

Product Quality and Information:

  • Swim Academy – At the Aura Swim Academy, our goal is not only to teach children to swim, but to help them develop an understanding of the water. We believe that learning to swim is an essential life skill and we cater for all ages and ability.
  • Fit for Life – This is our exercise and nutrition program that we offer to our members free of charge. Our fully qualified and professional trainers give our members a personalised and tailor-made program that focuses on their unique fitness goals.
  • Personal Training – At some of our centres, in addition to our free Fit for Life service to members we also offer paid Personal Training to our members as a successor to their Fit for Life program. Our goal is to help our members improve the overall health and wellbeing.
  • Aura Training & Fitness Academy – We are committed to encouraging and enabling adults to achieve quality-learning opportunities through our training courses that include Swim Teaching, Lifeguarding, Manual Handling, Fire Training and Personal Training and Fitness Instructor courses. We have more certified tutors in the areas of fitness, swimming, leisure operations and health & safety than any other organisation in our industry.
  • Customer Relations:  Aura strives to develop and maintain effective relationships with all of its customers and ensures that it is consistent not only in what we offer but in how it’s offered, which is what inspires loyalty and repeat business.
  • Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and the decisions we make as a business. We strive to be the best with our independent quarterly customer satisfaction audits ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS) – to benchmark our customer service levels with national and international standards. We also conduct quarterly mystery shopper programmes to independently audit customer service standards and procedures.
  • In order to educate, train and up-skill our staff with regards to customer service we host regular training sessions and we create and deliver annual customer service master classes to our whole staff body to help them achieve excellence and focus on best practice.
  • Fair Operating Practices: Aura will continue to respect the law, honour our company policy and ensure that all our business operations are legitimate and keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent. We will always conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights. We promote safety and fair dealing, respect toward the consumer and our members and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.


The key to the success of our business is our people. Building trust with employees, safe conditions of employment and the workplace environment underpin successful businesses. Aura commits to good workplace practices. We believe a great workplace is where you achieve organizational objectives with employees who give their personal best and work together as a team/family — all in an environment of trust where you have pride in what you do.

  • Conditions of Employment: We operate fair terms and conditions of employment to our staff and offer a wide range of employee benefits. We also pride ourselves in prioritising the health and safety of our employees and the conditions in which they work. We honour all of our internal policies and procedures and ensure staff are trained on these at induction. We employ a full time Health & Safety Officer to remain at the forefront of best practice.
  • Equality and Diversity: We are an equal opportunities employer. Aura has an exceptional focus on understanding and providing for customers and staff with disabilities. We were national winners in the private sector for the O2 Ability Awards, and our executive Chairman has spoken internationally promoting ‘The Disability Business Case’ – including a presentation in the European Parliament. We currently have permanent employees in our business who have a registered disability or special needs, and many others who are not state registered. Roles range from front line service providers such as Leisure Attendants, Assistant Swim Teachers and Lifeguards. We have a supportive culture throughout which means that everyone is supported to achieve their best regardless of their level of ability or potential. All new staff are fully briefed on our ‘Persons with Disability Policy’ and ‘Equal Opportunities Policy’
  • Work Life Balance: we promote work life balance as part of our internal wellbeing policy – WellFit and our ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’. We also operate where possible flexible working hours for our staff.
  • Consultation and Communication: one of the fundamental parts of successfully growing the company is efficient communication so staff can be kept up to date on business news and are able to give feedback and ideas. The company provides many platforms for communication exchange including our intranet platforms, leadership team annual roadshows, business update meetings, project and focus groups and surveys.
Gar Holohan from the Aura Holohan Group pictured with members of the Irish Wheelchair Association announcing their strategic partnership.
Aura Holohan Group and the Irish Wheelchair Association announce a strategic partnership.


Our responsibility towards our planet and efforts to reduce energy costs in all of our leisure centres, gyms and in our Support Office is a key priority. We consistently operate above the benchmarks set for energy saving and waste reduction. Our work in this area has led to us achieving awards from various local authorities and energy groups.

  • Energy Management: Aura Holohan Group Energy Management Policy states that we declare the utmost commitment to an energy management programme of excellence as a group of employees, and also to actively engage with our customers to assist us along the way. We use Energy monitoring software that is checked each day with thresholds, which means no wastage. We also have trained energy champions on each site. We strive to constantly reduce our energy which includes our Fuel, Electricity, Water, Waste consumption by way of our 5 Point Energy Plan:
    1. Improving existing operations, optimisation of existing plant and waste management
    2. Sub metering of fuel, electricity and water
    3. Training of staff
    4. Investment in energy reducing equipment
    5. Energy Awareness Campaign
  • Recycling: Aura also strives to mitigate negative impacts on the environment by operating recycling plans in all of our leisure centres and promote a paperless office programme where possible.
  • Resource Efficiency: Data on our internal operating processes is what drives this process in Aura and our main priority is to utilise the appropriate tools to gather this data e.g. our energy management system and our health and safety practices, establish its accuracy and relevance and then analyse it. This is how Aura goes beyond developing easier reporting methods for compliance reasons, helping us to improve supply chain management, streamlining our operational processes and saving on energy resources where possible.