We are thrilled to introduce our amazing InBody 270 Body Composition Scanner, now available at Aura Leisure*!

THE MOST ACCURATE body composition analyser available

Measures fat mass, muscle mass and body water levels in JUST 2 MINUTES

So much more than a weighing scales, the InBody scanner provides you with an in-depth analysis of your body composition and gives you specific targets to either lose or gain weight, fat and muscle . This accurate and simple 2 minute process gives you a snap shot of your health and the foundation to improve on specific areas like fat loss, muscle tone, visceral fat loss, BMI, lean muscle mass, general heath and illness prevention. Your results combined with the support of our highly trained staff will guide you to your goals.

FREE ANALYSIS for Aura Members**

PAY AS YOU GO Options also available


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*Not Available at Aura De Paul Dublin **Availability of Free InBody Analysis is subject to your Aura Membership Package.