Adult Swimming Lessons

Aura believes it’s never too late to learn or build on your current skill set. That’s why our adult swim lessons are ideal for those looking to learn how to swim for the first time or those hoping to improve what they already know! Our adult swim lessons are split into groups ranging from Beginner to Advanced in order to cater for people of all abilities. While our classes are only 45 minutes each, so you’re not thrown straight into the deep end!

Our fully qualified swim teachers will help you develop your swimming no matter what level you start at and allow you to feel confident when you’re in the water. With several physical and mental health benefits these lessons are perfect for anyone from 18 and up. As well as the health benefits, swimming is a lifesaving skill that all of us deserve to know whether for our own benefit or others. So, if you’re interested dive in and who knows where it might lead you!

Key Benefits of Adult Swim Lessons

  • Learn a new and vital skill or build your current ability
  • Builds confidence both in and out of the water
  • Helps improve mental health
  • Improves coordination, flexibility and mobility
  • Water supports the body putting less stress on joints & muscles
  • Working out in water builds strength & muscle tone
  • Decreases risk of heart disease & lowers blood pressure
  • Improves lung function
  • Burns lots of calories
  • Develop a lifesaving skill
  • Creates social bonds
  • It’s fun!

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Adult Swim LessonsSteve Quinlan’s Story

Steve Quinlan was booked to go on a 2-week family holiday, to a camping resort with multiple swimming pools in Italy. He was almost 42 and having avoided swimming pools for most of his life as he never learned how to swim.

Adult Swim Levels

Beginner 1

Skills Acquired:

  • Face wet/head in
  • Understanding of breathing
  • Floating on front
  • Floating on back
  • Gaining feet from floating position
  • Kicking on both front and back

Beginner 2

Skills Acquired:

  • Front crawl legs
  • Front crawl arms
  • Backcrawl legs
  • Backcrawl arms
  • Breathing on front crawl
  • Intro to deep end

Intermediate 1

Skills Acquired:

  • Correct front crawl legs with distance
  • Correct back crawl legs with distance
  • Correct front crawl arms with distance
  • Correct back crawl arms with distance
  • Finalising front crawl breathing

Intermediate 2

Skills Acquired:

  • Front crawl – full stroke in deep end
  • Back crawl – full stroke in deep end
  • Breast stroke legs
  • Breast stroke arms
  • Breast stroke breathing
  • Full breast stroke


Skills Acquired:

  • Full stroke in front crawl
  • Back crawl lengths
  • Breast stroke lengths
  • Intro to butterfly
  • Diving
  • Tumble turns
  • Touch turns
  • Building of stamina

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