Fit for Life

Aura’s Fit for Life is a proven exercise starter plan that will help you get to a healthier place, lose those unwanted pounds, trim your waistline and tone your body, all while making you fitter and stronger than you have ever been.

Our fully qualified and professional trainers will give you a personalised and tailor-made programme that focuses on your own unique goals. You will also get the most up to date fitness and nutritional advice to aid you on your journey. After 6 weeks of monitored training in Aura Leisure we can guarantee you will start seeing the results you want. As long as you are a member with us here at Aura Leisure we are committed to giving you the best service our trainers and centres can provide.

Not Available at Aura De Paul Dublin *Availability of Free Fit For Life Programme is subject to your Aura Membership Package.


Stage 1

Fitness Profile & Consultation

Your trainer will guide you through a 20-point health questionnaire, to determine exactly the results that you are looking for. If you want an in-depth analysis of your body, your trainer will also record all your body and strength measurements and can help you decide what you would like to improve on!

Stage 2

Fit for Life Exercise Programme

When meeting your trainer about your exercise programme, they will take you through a step by step guide to your personalised exercise programme. This programme will be designed specifically for you and will ensure that you get the best possible results from your training.

Stage 3

Technique Check & Nutritional Advice

One week into your first exercise programme your trainer will meet you to go through all of the exercises in your programme, to ensure that the correct technique is being used by you and to ensure that you get the best results. Your trainer will also give you very specific nutritional advice along with your very own ‘Aura Eats’ nutritional guide too.

Stage 4

Programme Review

When you are half way through completing your exercise programme, you will again meet with your trainer who will make some small changes to your exercise programme and workouts. These small changes will have a huge effect on your progress and will ensure that you keep getting the best out of every visit to your local Aura Leisure gym.

Stage 5

Results that Matter

At the end of your first programme, your trainer will go through your results and take all of your body and strength measurements again to see how much fitter, faster and stronger you have become.

This is not the end, we want you to keep on working, keep that momentum going and push yourself even further. If you want, you can jump right back into the Fit for Life Journey with your trainer and ensure that you keep your feet firmly on the road to success. Train smarter, live healthier!

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Fit For Life

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