At Aura Leisure, we believe kids swimming lessons should be fun and teach them the necessary skills in the water. We also aim to develop their confidence and safety while swimming through creative methods of instruction, a fun and positive learning environment, and professionally trained instructors.

If you’re not sure what level of swimming lessons your child should be placed in, take our totally free swim assessment by contacting us today. This will help us determine your child’s needs, confidence in the water, and skills that need to be developed

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Swim Academy Level Breakdown

Level 1 Junior Ducklings

kids swimming lessons level 1

Ducklings is the introductory level to our Swim Academy and here the aim is to teach your child safe entry and exit from the pool, along with teaching them to fully submerge their face, all while having fun in the pool environment.

Skills Learned:

    • Safe Entry and Exit
    • Face Wetting
    • Star Floats
    • Kicking legs
    • Fun Games
    • Understanding class structure

Level 2 Teeny Turtles 

kids swimming lessons level two

In Turtles, we introduce independent floating on both the child’s front and back. The process of helping children to gain balance is a key element here. From there the correct arm, head and leg positions are taught.

Skills Learned:

    • Safety
    • Breathing
    • Star Floats
    • Introduction to Front Crawl
    • Introduction to Backstroke
    • Rocket Arms
    • Fun Games
    • Submerging and Breathing out underwater

Level 3 Slippy Seahorses 

kids swimming lessons level 3

In Seahorses our main focus is to perfect both front crawl and back crawl kicking in the learner pool then advancing this to the main pool where confidence is gained.

Skills Learned:

    • Safety
    • Submersion
    • Floating
    • Front Crawl
    • Backstroke
    • Intro to Main Pool
    • Fun Games

Level 4 Shiny Starfish 

kids swimming lessons level 4

At this stage, confidence in the main pool has been achieved. Safety is now a focus; we teach your child to tread water and swim without flotation aids on both front crawl and back crawl with arms.

Skills Learned:

    • Submersion
    • Treading Water
    • Front Crawl without Float
    • Backstroke without Float
    • Fun Games/Tumbles

Level 5 Bubbly Goldfish

kids swimming lessons level 5

Breathing, which is one of the most difficult skills in swimming, is now incorporated.  We will teach your child to breathe unilaterally while maintaining good body position.  Children will also be introduced to the deep end of the pool where treading water is advanced from the Starfish level.

Skills Learned:

    • Push and Glide
    • Full Stroke Front Crawl
    • Full Stroke Backstroke
    • Sculling
    • Unilateral Breathing
    • Dolphin Kicks

Level 6 Speedy Swordfish 

kids swimming lessons level 6

Now in the deep end of the pool, we focus on retaining the skills that children have learned in Goldfish but in water that is 1.5m deep and upwards. The next phase will be to teach breaststroke leg kick with correct foot position to gain glide while keeping the feet under the water.

Skills Learned:

    • Treading Water 30 sec
    • Forward/Backward Tumbles
    • Dolphin Body Action
    • Intro to Bilateral Breathing
    • Breaststroke Legs

Level 7 Flying Fish 

kids swimming lessons level 7

Flying Fish is a level that we have introduced to help break down the strokes for children and have one main aim in each level. The main aim at this stage is to complete breaststroke with the arm movement and to introduce the correct breathing technique for this.

Skills Learned:

    • Tread Water 45 Seconds
    • Breaststroke – Leg, Arm and Breathing
    • Intro to Butterfly
    • Intro to Diving

Level 8 Splashing Dolphins

kids swimming lessons level 8

At this stage children are quite confident on the three main swimming strokes. A continuation of breaststroke breathing takes place and the butterfly stroke is also focused on. Children in the higher levels of swim academy still need to have fun and there are some fun skill games taught!

Skills Learned

    • Intro to Tumble Turns
    • Front crawl – “S” Shape Armpulls
    • Breaststroke Glide
    • Butterfly – full stroke technique
    • Introduction to Rookie Lifeguard

Level 9 Lightning Stingrays 

kids swimming lessons level 9

Here the fine-tuning starts to take place on all strokes focusing on the small but very important techniques to enhance ability. Fun and games are still evident with snorkelling, tumble turns and diving one of the main focuses.

Skills Learned:

    • Tumble Turns – Counting Strokes
    • 50 Metre Front Crawl
    • Butterfly – Breathing
    • Backstroke – “S” Shape Arm
    • Snorkeling Games

Level 10 Diving Sharks 

kids swimming lessons level 10

Sharks is the highest level of our swim academy where we aim to build stamina over all four strokes and introduce correct individual medley swimming along with furthering your child’s lifesaving skills.

Skills Learned:

    • Somersaults
    • Counting and Reducing Strokes
    • Building Stamina
    • Individual Medley
    • Lifesaving Skills

What’s Next?

If your child has advanced through all levels of our Swim Academy and is eager to learn more, the next step we would recommend is lane coaching or joining our swim club.  Kids 15 or older can also take our Rookie Lifeguard certification course and learn critical lifesaving and water safety skills.

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Aura Swim Academy FAQs

Where do Swim Academy Lessons take place?

Swim Academy lessons take place in our learner pool or main pool, depending on what level your child is swimming at. Levels 1 through 3 will take place in the learner pool, and your child will be introduced to the main pool in Level 4. At Level 6, they will be introduced to the deep end of the main pool.

Is there an age requirement for Swim Academy?

There is a minimum age requirement of 4 years old, but after this, there is no age requirement for each swim level. We believe that every child advances differently and that children should be allowed to go at their own pace, For children below the age of 4, check out our main swim page for Swim Tots or Swim Baby for more information.

What do I Need Bring to Class?

Appropriate swimwear and goggles are required, a towel and a smile are recommended! Please also let your instructor know if your child wears glasses or has any hearing difficulties. We also ask that you inform us of any health or learning concerns prior to swimming lessons.

Can I watch my child’s lessons?

We welcome all parents to watch their children’s swim lessons. We ask that parents remain seated and not to distract their children during the lessons. We also advise that parents not go onto the pool deck unless asked to by the teacher. This is so that everyone remains safe and children can make the most of their swim lessons.

How can we make the most of our lessons?

We highly recommend that your child practices skills in between their lessons. This will help solidify the concepts taught and allow them to learn new things more quickly, as well as help them feel comfortable and confident in the water.