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At the Aura Junior Swim Academy and the Aura Swim Academy, our goal is not only to teach your children to swim, but to help them develop an understanding of the water. We believe that learning to swim can be fun and we cater for all ages and ability. Simply fill in your details below for your free Swim Assessment and we’ll contact you with further details as soon as possible.


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Adult Swimming Lessons

There are various adult lessons available, for adults of all levels and ability.
We help build water confidence and learn basic swimming techniques with 45 minute lessons over an 8 week course. Our adult classes are structured into Non-Swimmer, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. There is lane coaching also available.

Dive In

Rookie Lifeguard Swim Lessons

This Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) registered course is designed for children to gain special lifesaving skills. Rookie Lifeguard is aimed at competent swimmers aged 8-12 years who have an interest in lifeguarding and lifesaving. As a Rookie you will learn special lifesaving skills to help yourself, or know what to do if others get into difficlty in the water. The award allows participants to learn lifelong water safety skills in a fun way.

Aspire to Inspire

Aura Lane Coaching

Coaching is available for those who really enjoy swimming and are looking to take it to a competitive level. This session is a vigorous workout focused on building stamina and endurance. All elements of competitive swimming are covered within this program.

Fit To Sprint

Junior Swim Academy

The Aura Junior Swim Academy is for babies and toddlers up to approximately 3.5 years. Start your baby in the right lane by building their confidence in the water and allowing for a smooth transition into the Aura Swim Academy.

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