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The Social Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

In turn, you might just achieve your goals that much faster while making new friends that last a lifetime. So, what are the social benefits of exercise? Are group fitness classes effective? In this article, we explore the answers to these questions and more – helping you determine if group fitness is right for you!

What is a Group Fitness Class?

Are Group Fitness Classes Effective?

What are the Social Benefits of Group Fitness Classes?

1. Motivation and Accountability

When exercising solo, it can be easy to create excuses and skip a session or more. Ultimately, this causes many individuals to throw in the towel, leading them no closer to their goals than they were before.

Yet, group fitness exercises provide accountability, especially when you make friends or get to know the class instructor. It gives you someone to answer to when you don’t show up, providing the motivation to stay consistent – a key ingredient to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Plus, group fitness is far more fun than doing it alone! You can laugh together at mistakes. You get to socialise as part of getting fit. It’s a win-win.

2. Improved Mood and Self-Esteem

While exercise alone offers an endorphin boost, we know that humans are social creatures. Without connection, our mental and physical health decline, which was blatantly obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the social benefits of working out in a group setting include improved mood and self-esteem. Having others cheer you on (and cheering others on!) can further help build confidence. Plus, having the social aspect keeps us mentally fit. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your next best friend in one of Aura Leisure’s group fitness classes.

3. Learning New Skills 

Learning new skills alone can be tough. But learning them in a group can help us feel less alone and offer an opportunity to bond as we venture outside of our comfort zone. 

Why is Social Support Important in Fitness?

The social benefits of physical fitness extend beyond mere accountability. While you can do it alone, social support makes it easier to change our habits. When surrounded by the right people, we are more likely to change our behaviours. 

You might notice that friend groups all tend to trend toward the same behaviours or habits. In fact, there’s a famous saying that states we are the sum of the five people we hang out with the most. When attending fitness classes, you surround yourself with people who are going after the same goals as you. This can help you support one another, as well as reduce any stress related to these changes.

How Do You Build Social Support in a Fitness Environment?

Building social support in the fitness environment starts with you! Cheer on other group members. Strike up a conversation. Introduce yourself. These are all wonderful ways to get to know others and foster a supportive environment.

When you begin to get to know others in the same classes, you can even extend your socialisation beyond the gym. Propose lunch after a class or a hike outside of the gym to stay on track toward your goals.

Group Fitness Classes Types & Ideas

Some popular group fitness class ideas include:

Group Fitness for Beginners

When in doubt, try it out! Usually, most classes will have options for beginners. It can also pay to let your instructor know that you’re new to the class so that they can offer options or pointers to help you out.

Group Fitness for Intermediates

Social Benefits of Physical Activity for Older Adults

The social benefits of exercise for the elderly can’t be underestimated. Combining socialisation with movement is a wonderful way to age gracefully, both mentally and physically. 

In a group setting, studies show that adults over 80 are more likely to adhere to exercise than when trying to perform it alone. But there’s more:

Reduced Loneliness and Isolation

With increasing age, the sad truth is that many seniors end up alone and isolated. Friends or spouses may have passed on. Their families may have moved away. However, the social benefits of exercise in a group setting can help foster community and connection, reducing feelings of loneliness. It also gives them a reason to leave the house and make new friends.

Increased Sense of Community

Health decline often begins in later age groups due to a lack of community and purpose. However, with group workouts, the elderly can foster a greater sense of purpose thanks to having a close-knit community. 

Explore the Social Benefits of Group Fitness with Aura Leisure

The social benefits of exercising in a group setting are undeniable. For many, they offer the perfect environment to stick to a fitness routine and achieve their goals. For others, these group environments offer a sense of community and a means to socialise with like-minded individuals.