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Aura has established an extensive range of Group Exercise Classes and courses for you to choose from.

Our Group Exercise Classes are an integral part of your membership, so whether you want to improve your cardio fitness, tone up your legs & thighs or work on your strength, we have a class for you.

Below are just some of our most popular Group Exercise Classes, please visit your desired location to see what your centre has to offer.

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Our Group Exercise Classes

Aura Pump

Top to toe intensive body toning class using barbells.

Abs Express

15 minutes of non-stop abdominal exercises

Cardio Mix

Really enjoyable high intensity cardio based class

Aura Boxercise

Full body workout combining our boxfit and pump classes


Lift & swing kettlebells for a stronger, fitter you!


A military style workout that will push you to the limit

Total Body Circuits

A full circuit based on the gym floor using weight machines and some cardio exercises.

Core & Stretch

Recovery based stretching and core exercise session working on stability, flexibility and mobility

Bums, Leg & Tums

Toning exercise for your bum, legs & tummy


High Intensity Interval training using bodyweight and resistance exercises to spike the heart rate and burn fat

Indoor Cycling

Climb hills, sprint and race in the comfort of our studio

Aqua Aerobics

Water based fitness class with minimal impact