5 Top Swimming Tips For Beginners

1. Warm up

Don’t get in the pool and begin swimming lengths straight away, make sure you warm up first. Start out by gliding for a few minutes to get your blood pumping.

2. Check your breathing technique

Breathing is the key to a successful stroke or you will exhaust yourself. Do a few easy lengths and spend time perfecting your technique.

3. Think of your hand as a fin

To make better distance in the water, think of your hand as a fin through every stroke. Keep a slight scoop so you can move more water. This allows you to propel yourself a little bit further.

4. Engage your core

Swimming requires a strong core depending on how competitive your swimming might get, such as tight abs, glutes and lower back. Most people tend to relax and just float around when in the water, but you want to work!

5. Wear a swim hat

A chlorinated pool can affect your scalp and on occasions make it flake if used regularly. You can avoid this by wearing an inexpensive hat— it can make all the difference.

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