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5 Breakfast Tips to Start Your Mornings Right this Easter

Easter is a time for enjoying the company of your family and friends. While some of us might have fitness goals we work towards throughout the year, they shouldn’t be the reason we sacrifice quality time with our loved ones or prevent us from enjoying ourselves over the festive periods.

While fitting in time to work out and navigating around gym opening hours can be a struggle during the holidays, you can still ensure you take care of your nutrition. So, how can we combine fitness and family you ask? Keep reading for some simple breakfast tips to keep you on track while enjoying the social aspect of Easter.

Having a high protein breakfast can boost your satiety throughout the day and help keep those chocolate egg shaped cravings at bay during the Easter!

These tips mean you can still enjoy eating an easter egg without getting that uncontrollable rush of hunger from fasting all day in hopes of “saving your calories” and feeling guilty, groggy, or unwell the next day!

Your Breakfast Tips

Here are some examples of high protein breakfast tips you can implement anywhere to set yourself up for the rest of the day:

  1. Add more egg whites to your plate – 1 egg white contains nearly 4g of protein at only 17 calories (now that’s a bargain)!
  2. Bring a scoop of your protein powder with you to add to your breakfast such as your porridge, smoothies, yogurts, iced coffee or whatever your heart desires – 20g of protein in one serving couldn’t get any easier!
  3. Load up on lean meats, opt for turkey rashers or bacon medallions for a boost of protein with half the fat – 1 turkey rasher can contribute over 6g of protein (pair that with 2 eggs and you already have 18g of protein in one breakfast serving)!
  4. Add more nuts and seeds for a vegan-friendly protein boost -These can be sprinkled on your porridge, yogurt parfait or a delicious plate of fruit (which will also contribute to your 5 a day)!
  5. When it comes to nut butters, opt for 100% nut content for no added sugars, salts, and extra oils – This is an easy way to make sure you’re getting the extra benefits of fibre, minerals, and vitamins as well as your protein!

Choosing any of the easy tips above will help you start your day right, leading to better choices throughout the day; and less stress over your nutrition which in turn leads to more time enjoying the company of your family and friends!

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About Our Author

Julia Gruszczynska

Julia is a personal trainer at Aura Leitrim, having graduated with a BSc in Public Health Nutrition from ATU Galway in November 2022. Throughout her four-years in college, she worked with various individuals to improve and educate their knowledge on nutrition, health and wellness. Julia is passionate about helping others understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and how to make it fit into their lifestyle (and what it means for them)! Julia is currently awaiting her AfN Accreditation which will enable her to work as a Registered Nutritionist. She has a clear desire to help others reach their fitness goals stating “I love my job as a personal trainer at Aura Leitrim because I get to see the positive lifestyle changes in clients daily”. To find out more about Julia, you can follow her on Instagram where she shares healthy tips, recipes and more: @juliag_pt!

Julia Working at a Local Fitness Day in Aura Leitrim