What Is Strength Training? A Complete Guide

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What is Strength Training?

In technical terms, strength training is a form of exercise where your muscles contract against an outside force. Usually, this outside force is in the form of weights, such as dumbbells or weight machines. It can also be in the form of resistance, such as resistance bands or even body weight. 

Examples of Strength Training:

1) Body Weight –

2) Free Weights –

3) Resistance Equipment –

4) Weight Machines –

Who Is Strength Training Best For?

People Who Are New to Exercise

Runners and Athletes

Elderly Individuals

What Are the Health Benefits of Strength Training?

1) Gain Strength

2) Lose Weight and Burn Calories More Efficiently

3) Helps Manage Heart Health and Blood Sugar Levels

4) Improves Mental Health

5) Increases Ranges of Motion, Including Mobility and Flexibility

6) Decreases Your Risk of Falls and Injuries

7) Creates a Better Quality of Life

How to Start Strength Training in a Safe Way

What Are Possible Injuries?

  • Strained muscles, particularly in the back, biceps, and shoulders
  • Tendinitis, especially in the elbows, knees, or in the Achilles tendon
  • Disc herniation in the spine
  • Pulls and tears, particularly in the hamstring
  • Improper form. There is a specific way to lift weights or to add resistance to your workouts, no matter which body part you’re targeting. From back pain, such as disc herniation, to pulls and tears, improper lifting form is one of the most common causes of strength training injury.
  • Doing too much over time, without giving yourself proper rest. Ultimately, this results in an overuse injury. Many injuries that are a result of inflammation are because of overuse, including elbow, knee, and Achilles tendon tendonitis.
  • Doing too much at one time. This is known as an acute injury and is usually caused by lifting too heavy without properly building up to it. Strained muscles and even pulls and tears are the results of an acute injury. 

How to Avoid Injuries While Strength Training?

Strength Training for Beginners: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Strength Training Mean?

What Are the 3 Main Types of Strength Training?

  1. Muscle Endurance Training: This is where beginners typically start. The idea is to lift a higher volume, meaning a higher number of repetitions, at a lower weight. This allows you to practise form and build up a tolerance for moderate-intensity and higher-intensity workouts. 
  2. Circuit Training: This involves going through a series (or circuit) of several exercises until you reach the last one. In between each exercise, you typically rest for an allotted amount of time (often 10-90 seconds). You might repeat the circuit once you’ve reached the end, depending on the programme. It’s an excellent type of strength training to get heart rates pumping – almost like a combination of cardio and resistance strength training.
  3. Max Strength Training: Once you’ve developed your endurance for strength training, then you might transition into max strength training. This includes bringing your number of repetitions down but increasing the amount of weight you’re lifting.  

What Is Strength Training Good For?

There are many different benefits of resistance training. With a well-rounded, consistent routine, you can see benefits, such as:

  • Improved mental health, self-esteem, and mood
  • Improved heart health and blood sugar management
  • Weight loss and calories burned more efficiently
  • Increased range of motion, flexibility, and mobility

Is It Okay to Do Strength Training Every Day?

Why Is Having a Personal Trainer or a Coach Beneficial for Strength Training?

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