Swim Lessons children

Is it time your child learned to swim?

When on holidays or looking for a fun activity during school holidays and weekends the pool is normally the first place we go. We want to ensure our children have fun but we want them to stay safe in the pool. One of the biggest safety measures for us as parents have to be swim lessons. Knowing how to swim is a skill they’ll use for a lifetime, we want to waterproof them for life!

The reality is that there are inherent risks around water, be it the local river, lake, beach or pool. 123 people died from drownings in Ireland last year with lifeguards administrating first aid 4,210 times (Irish Water Safety Annual report 2016). Can swimming lessons reduce the chances of a child drowning? What we do know is that it teaches children a respect for the water making them less likely to wander into dangerous situations, it teaches children safety skills which one day may save their life and it encourages us parents to actively engage with our children during water related activities.

Preparation Starts Early
A baby can be enrolled in Swim Baby lessons as early as 4 months of age. The Aura Swim Baby course will stimulate your baby’s appetite, strengthen their muscle tone and will help your baby if they are suffering from sleep deprivation. The course is structured around repetitive song based play that your baby will recognise and respond to. Babies develop a respectful understanding for the water environment and gain important health benefits.

For the Toddlers ready for the next Step!
Swim Tots is where preparation begins for Ducklings, the introductory level of Aura’s Swim Academy. Your baby will be building some confidence in the water and along with the instructor you will be introducing independence.

The Next Stage!
At around 3 years of age your child will be ready to start their swim journey in Aura Swim Academy. There are a total of 10 levels to build your child’s swimming technique, ability and competence. Professionally trained instructors in small classes will teach your child to swim in a fun and positive learning environment using creative methods of instruction. Classes are 40 minutes in length and take place over a course of 8 weeks. Each swim academy student receives a Swim Practice Card at the start of their 8 week course, the whole family can go for a swim for €12.99, practice makes perfect!

Next Steps
Now that your child has finished their swimming lessons – what are your options? Most of the Aura swim academy graduates take the first steps in becoming a lifeguard and sign up to the Aura Lifesaving Club where they will learn special lifesaving skills. Other’s want to continue to improve their swimming technique and join the Aura Lane Coaching or Swim Club. There is also options for those who are considering a career in lifeguarding or swim teaching.

Watching your child swimming confidently and known they are waterproofed for life is a very comforting feeling. Their swim lessons will prepare them well to enjoy all the fun they can have in the water.

Is it time your child learned to swim? Contact your local Aura today or fill out this form to register your interest. Don’t forget free child assessments are offered to all new students to ensure they start at the correct level of Aura Swim Academy!