Home Exercises for People with Disabilities

Home Exercises Supporting People with Disabilities

The Aura Holohan Group and Irish Wheelchair Association have teamed up to launch an online home exercise programme to support people with disabilities to stay fit and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Aura Holohan Group, which operates over 15 leisure centres and gyms nationwide, is working with Irish Wheelchair Association to design and deliver unique fitness classes that are accessible for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, and anyone who would benefit from chair-based exercise.

There has been an abundance of home workouts being promoted online through various gyms and fitness experts, which is keeping the nation active during lockdown. This innovative programme is reaching people with disabilities, an important audience for home-based classes.

Niamh Holohan, Group Communications Manager of the Aura Holohan Group said, “People with physical disabilities shouldn’t be left out of the online fitness offering. We hope that by starting this programme with Irish Wheelchair Association, other gyms will follow suit so that fitness will become democratised and accessible to all.”

Director of IWA Sport, Irish Wheelchair Association’s Sports Division, Nicky Hamill said,” The online exercise programme created by The Aura Holohan group is a fantastic opportunity to develop and promote physical activities so that people with physical disabilities can be as active as possible during these difficult times. Irish Wheelchair Association’s vision is that everyone with a physical disability can enjoy sport, physical and recreational activities on a fully-inclusive basis in any environment. Now, more than ever, we want to support the physical and mental health of our members.”

Irish Wheelchair Association’s frontline staff have been working tirelessly within local communities to ensure people with physical disabilities have the support and services they need to stay safe and well at home during this health crisis. The charity supports 4,000 people with physical disabilities every week in Ireland across a spectrum of needs.

Click Here to view the new online fitness programme on the Aura Leisure website. Follow our social media channels to keep up to date with new programmes as they become available.

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