Our Home Workouts for men, women and kids are designed to keep you and all your family fit, healthy and active while our centres remain closed during Covid-19.

We will be featuring exercises, virtual classes, how to’s, nutrition tips, blogs and more, meaning you can keep a healthy body and mind without the need for a home gym!

All our workouts are designed and delivered by our fully qualified Personal Trainers with years of experience in the industry. When following workouts online be sure to avail of them from a credible sources from qualified instructors to ensure your health and safety and to avoid injury.

Home Workout Video Series Introduction

Aura centres remain closed until further notice. However, we recognise the importance of staying active and keeping your body moving. Over the next couple of weeks we will be providing you with as much online content as possible that will contribute positively towards your health, both physically and mentally during these challenging times. Luke gives us the lowdown on the importance of managing the current situation as best as we can. Stay tuned across all our channels for home workouts, exercise tips, blogs and much more!

Live Classes

Full Online Workout Classes

Luke brings us through a Full Bums, Legs and Tums Class
Length: 20mins
Equipment: N/A
Kate from Aura Leitrim brings you a Full 30-minute live HIIT Class from her Living Room.
Length: 30mins
Equipment: N/A
Instagram Live HIIT Class with Kate Matthews #2

Instagram Live HIIT Class with Kate Matthews #3

Instagram Live Strength Class with Proinsias

Instagram Live Ab Blast Class with Proinsias

Instagram Live HIIT Cardio Class with Kate

Instagram Live Strength Class with Proinsias

Instagram Live HIIT Workout with Anthony

Home Workouts

Home Couch Workout
The couch can be used in many ways to get an effective full body workout in! Check out our personal trainer @pt_prunchy couch home workout! Exercise selection:
Make the most of the weather we are having with this outdoor garden workout by @k8matthews_pt from Aura Leisure Leitrim.
No Gym? No Problem! Get a full body outdoor workout with Aura Fitness Instructor @michaeladuddy πŸ’œ
Don’t forget to get some fresh air and bring your workouts outside!
Luke is back with some outdoor circuit training using a Park Bench or something similar.
Have you been improvising your workouts? Share some or your ideas with us below! πŸ‘‡
Remember to stay withing 2km of home and wash your hands before and afterwards!
Our Aura Leitrim PT Kate takes us through an at home Leg Workout.
Try this 18 Minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Workout with our PT Prionsias from Aura Leitrim!
Bodyweight training helps work all of the muscles in your body and are easy to modify to your fitness level. … Plus, you can do bodyweight workouts anywhere meaning they are ideal in getting a workout in during the closure of our gym!
A strong set of glutes helps keep the upper body stable and helps relieve tension from the back and even the shoulders! πŸ’ͺ🏼
Missing our Aqua Aerobics classes?

Niamh is here with a full chair aerobics class! Our Chair Aerobics is a great light workout for some of our older members or for anyone who wants something a little less strenuous than some of our other classes.

Anthony from Aura Leisure Drogheda takes us through 5 of the fundamental bodyweight exercises that everyone can do while at home & how you can implement them into a workout routine!😁
Gavin from Aura Grove Island is back with a Full Body Home workout for your lunchtime!
Adrian brings us a quick 15-minute Tabata HIIT Workout.

⏱ 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off
4️⃣ 4 Rounds of Each Excercise
πŸ’ͺ 8 Excercises

Remember to let us know how you find each workout, we love hearing your feedback!

Advanced Upperbody workout w/ Michael ❗

Michael from Aura Dundalk is back with another home workout for you guys! This is an advanced upper body workout that focuses on exercises working the Chest, Shoulder & Triceps!

βœ”3 Sets 12-15 Reps Each Exercise

Getting yourselves outdoors is important for physical & mental health while following & respecting government guidelines of the 2km restrictions.

Here’s Monika from Aura Dundalk with 6 great exercises you can do while enjoying the recent nice weather in your garden or close by park!

Try this resistance band workout with Kacper from Aura Navan.

Household Item Workouts

Check out our PT @niamhholohan ideas on how to incorporate household items to add some resistance into your home workouts πŸ’ͺ🏻
Get your milk bottles ready! Never thought we’d be saying that in a sentence πŸ˜…Check out our PT @Niamhholohans ideas on how to incorpcorate some πŸ₯›πŸ₯›πŸ₯› or maybe some 🍾🍾🍾 to add some resistance into your home workouts πŸ’ͺ🏻
Get your magazines/paper plates ready! Check out PT @niamhholohan homework out tips to β€˜slide’ through a core blast workout! πŸ’ͺ🏼
Try out 45 secs for each exercise.
🟣Mountain climbers
🟣Knee Tucks Pikes
🟣Ab Rollout
🟣Lateral Lunges
Tag us in your workout!πŸ˜†
Grab your rucksack and check out how to turn your couch into an exercise machine with Niamh and Inky!

Try 12-15 reps x 3 sets:
1. Leg Extensions
2. Glute Raises
3. Single Leg Step Ups
4. Bulgarian Split Squats
5. Push Ups

Try out Part 5 of our Household item workouts, This time it’s the stairs!

Swim Workouts

Are you a swimmer missing the pool? Keep those swimming muscles in shape with this Home Swim Workout with Maureen
Length: 5 Exercises
Equipment: N/A
Struggling with flexibility in your shoulders?

Working in an office job sitting at a desk all day can lead to rounded shoulders and bad posture. Working from home at a coffee table in the living room can make it even worse! πŸ’»

Ailsling from Aura Grove Island takes us through some stretching and mobility exercises to help improve our flexibility and posture. These are great for swimmers too! πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

Follow these tips for Swimmers from Oonagh in Aura Dundalk

Kids Workouts

Get your kids moving with our favorite Fitness Instructor Lucy Mae and her 8-minute HIIT Home Workout for kids! Suitable for adults of all ages too!
Keep the kids active with our quick kids circuit workout by Aura kids coach Summer !😁

βœ”2 Circuits of 3 Exercises
βœ”3 Rounds Each
βœ”2 Minute Rest between rounds!

Lucy Mae is back with a Kids Strectching video. Strecthing is a great way for kids to improve flexability and prevent injuries
Aura Kids Coach Summer is back with some fun facts about the Aura Swim Academy! β˜€

Just like alot of our students, she misses her swimming lessons and cant wait to start back again

IWA Workouts

We are proud to continue to support our partner, the Irish Wheelchair Association during this time. Together, we are working to bring members a series of at home fitness training programmes and wellbeing advice to help you stay positive and keep fit and healthy at home!

Here’s our workout of the week by Aisling from Aura Dundalk 😁

We are proud to continue our strategic partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association during this time. Together we are working to bring members a series of home workouts and wellbeing advice, to keep you as active and healthy as possible!

This week’s workout is an at home shoulder workout from Adam in Aura Youghal.

This week’s Workout in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association comes from Elaine in Aura Navan!.
Today’s home workout in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association is a Full Body Workout from Bart in Aura Tullamore.

The Aura Holohan Group strives to include everyone in our local communities across Ireland at all times. Today’s video is fully captioned, for anyone who is hard of hearing and may want to try one of our workouts!

Our next Home Workout video in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association comes from Adam in Aura Youghal.

This workout is specifically designed for anyone suffering from Spina Bifida, but is suitable for all wheelchair users.

Today’s video in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association is designed specifically for leg amputees and is also suitable for all wheelchair users.

The Irish Wheelchair Association is providing vital services for people with physical disabilities at home throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Click the link to donate:

This week’s workout in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association and IWA-Sport is a wheelchair strength workout from Adrian in Aura Letterkenny.


Managing your weight during Covid-19

As all gyms and leisure facilities are closed across the country, managing our weight during this difficult time can prove to be challenge.

Today, Luke gives us some valuable advice we should all consider while staying at home in relation to the importance of staying active and avoiding over eating 😊

Beginner tips for starting to jog

Have you been nominated for a 5K challenge by a friend?
The thought of starting a jogging routine can be overwhelming for those not used to endurance training!

To help you along your way, heres kacper with some beginner tips for starting jogging as regular exercise!

Personal Trainer Kate Matthews from Aura Leitrim answers your questions on all things fitness, training, nutrition, exercise and more!