Powering Through Your Excuses

Why is it people decide to make excuses?
Whether we like it or not, many of us love to make excuses when we face adversity or a challenge. A lot of the time it is because familiarity gets the better of us, we doubt ourselves, we’re scared, or we simply don’t feel ready. We can be so quick to deflect the blame onto internal factors such as “I’m not fit enough” or “I’m too tired” & external factors such as “I’ve too much on” or “I’m too busy for that”. But the problem exists with us, the problem doesn’t exist outside of our own thinking.

When we make excuses too often, we give up ownership of a problem, leading to a lack of responsibility and a lack of growth as a person. These consequences certainly don’t result in a very fulfilling lifestyle. In fact, they paralyze us and prevent forward movement in all areas of our lives. This is no different when it comes to starting your journey with exercise.

We all have busy lives. Between working a full-time job, studying in college or simply spending time with family & loved ones, exercising can fall to the bottom of most people’s priorities. And of course, all the above are so important to live a healthy and fulfilling life, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t place as much importance into exercise as you do the rest. In fact, exercise can greatly improve those aspects of your life.

Exercise can be your drug
Your body is your engine. Just like you would feed petrol to a car, whenever you exercise regularly and take in proper nutrition, you are fuelling yourself for greatness. If I sat here and told you there is a drug that would make you feel amazing about yourself, increase your energy levels to heights you couldn’t imagine, improve your performance at work and make you feel ready for any challenge life gives you, wouldn’t you love to take it?

Of course, with most drugs come side effects. I would have to disclose to you, you’re going to have to go through a temporary feeling of discomfort. Emphasis on the word temporary. This is the feeling you get when your body is under distress when working out. Because naturally your body doesn’t want to change, it would much rather stay the same. This is when you must be in control of your mind and your body will follow. If you let your mind run rampant it really will. You cannot entertain negative thinking or emotions. You must realise you have full ownership of your life. There is no time for excuses. You are there to put in the work and power through. Your mentality must scream “YES I CAN”.

Discomfort can be your friend
As humans, naturally it’s hard for us to start anything new. This is because we feel safe and secure in a normal routine. When we start something new, this leads to huge change and discomfort. But discomfort and stress can be your friend. Most of us want to avoid anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. A lot of times this feeling of discomfort can associate with the new beginning of getting into shape. But this feeling dissipates as soon as you start. Because once your fit, exercise is something you look forward to. Once you get into a healthy and active routine where you are exercising regularly, taking in the right nutrition, the hardest thing to do is stop. It’s about starting the journey and getting past those early struggles.

You can decide to quit, but you will be back to square one. When people quit or make excuses, this can simply be your mind working against you. You think to yourself “This is too uncomfortable; I need to stop”. If you can force yourself to push those thoughts to the side by simply not entertaining them once they begin to creep into your mind, you will be on the road to success. Because some of the greatest accomplishments you will ever have in life will be a result of great discomfort.

What exercising can do for you
Personally, the feeling I have is that if I don’t have the time for a workout, I think to myself, “I’m not going to get that good feeling that working out gives to me”. I’m not going to feel relaxed; I’m not going to feel carefree. Sometimes, missing even a couple days of exercise can leave me feeling anxious and over analytical.

It’s easy for someone to talk to another likeminded fitness enthusiast about the benefits of exercise, because they just get it. They know the great feeling that working out gives to them. But it’s hard to translate that message to someone who hasn’t got that good feeling of regular exercise and proper nutrition over a sustained period. It can neutralise depression and anxiety, I promise it’s better than anything you would receive in a bottle from your doctor. It can boost brainpower, reduce stress, increase energy, improve your heart health and it makes you sleep like a baby. Sleep being one of the most important functions of health. We could go on and on. Basically, exercise is just great for you, and everyone who is able should be doing it regularly.

You are a WINNER
What it comes down to is a mindset. A winning mindset. Not winning against an opponent or an arch rival, but simply winning against yourself and powering through your excuses. Begin to entertain confident thinking. Because your mind can run rampant otherwise if you let it loose. Control your thinking, discipline yourself to be the best version of yourself.

I can guarantee if you begin this you will feel so much better about yourself. You will be on the journey to a healthier and happier you.

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Vinny Pyper – Marketing Co-Ordinator

Published: 13/09/2019