Woman swimming

“It Is Never Too Late to Learn!”

Are you the person who acts as the human safe on holidays? Minding the bags while everybody else is having a ball in the water? Or the person who wishes they could just dip themselves in the water to cool off? Let today be the day you change that and come and sign up to our lessons! One of our Swim Instructors, Aimee Thornton, in one of our Aura sites tells her amazingly reassuring story of what it’s like to be apart of someones first swimming experience.

I feel that it is never too late to learn and I will be here as a support network at any time. When we are having an off week, or from the 1st week you get into the pool, I will provide the best encouragement and knowledge that I can give.

Here are a few comments from people who have come through the beginner level in the last while. I hope their commitment, determination and success gives somebody the courage to sign up and begin their journey and never look back.

Hope to see few new faces soon.

Aimee x

Marie Murnaghean

“I was a non-swimmer! Couldn’t put my face in the water never mind my head. My confidence was lifted when I saw the teacher is in the water with you and would be for the next 8 weeks. It helped me gain trust and feel very secure to push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel that I have progressed so much and hope to come back and complete beginner level 2”

Tomas Goodman

“I feel that the environment which the class was taught helped with my progression it was a very casual and relaxed environment where we were taught and Aimee talked to use like adults. She had great patience and never lost the cool with us ha ha. I have certainly got rid of the fear I had and I now believe in myself that I will get there and will continue to improve. I now have a greater understanding of how hard it is for younger people to learn”

John Thornton

“I really enjoyed coming to lessons every week. It was good craic and wasn’t too serious, which I feel was a great help. At the end of the day this is minutes out of the week and you don’t need it to be serious or feeling like it’s going be no craic. I feel that I have learnt a lot and I have a real sense of achievement as I was pushed out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the week which we swam out of the deep end doing front crawl, I got a great buzz out of that”

Regina Assare

“I really enjoyed my lessons and I feel that by Aimee having great patience that I got a lot out of the lessons I am really happy with my progression and my success and it feel if the classes where to be an hour it would be even better”

Leanne Regan

“I came in having a bit of knowledge but really enjoyed been able to progress and fix up skills I already had. I feel that Aimee did a great job of being able to adapt to my ability and help me progress”

If you want to take that first dip in the pool, Aura can help you make that happen with our professional guidance every step of the way in a safe environment! You can contact us here whenever you’re ready to take that step.