Lifeguard Courses With RLSS Certification

Interested in becoming a fully qualified Lifeguard with the Aura Training Academy?

We have RLSS Lifeguard Certification Courses running throughout the year as part of the Aura Training Academy. With this lifeguard course, you can gain an internationally recognised qualification to work as a lifeguard not only in Ireland but anywhere in the world!

Learn all things water safety and rescue of swimmers, first aid and CPR. As a result, you will be equipped with lifesaving skills to work in swimming pools and leisure centres.

It’s more than just a job, it’s saving somebody’s life.

What qualifications do you need to be a lifeguard?

You do not need any existing qualifications to become a lifeguard.


FAQs on Lifeguard Courses:

How long is a lifeguard course?

The lifeguard course is run over 5 days with an assessment on a 6th day.

How much does it cost to get certified as a lifeguard?

€395 which also includes an AED qualification.

What does a lifeguard course involve?

The lifeguard course is divided into 3 elements;

  1. The Lifeguard and the Law,
  2. Pool Supervision and Rescue and
  3. CPR and First Aid.

The course incorporates the highest standards and safety mechanisms to help you react and prepare for incidents and scenarios.

Is a lifeguard course hard?

The lifeguard course is a week-long and it is an intensive course. You must come prepared to work hard and be willing to learn new skills quickly and be willing to interact during the classroom and water-based activities.

How long do you have to hold your breath to be a lifeguard?

There is no specific time on how long you need to hold your breath, but as a lifeguard, you will be required to dive to the deepest part of a pool to recover a casualty to the surface.

How do I prepare for lifeguard training?

In order to partake in the course you will be required to meet the following pre-requisites;

  • Swim 100m front and backcrawl.
  • Be a minimum of 16yo.
  • Dive to the deepest part of the pool.

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NPLQ Lifeguard incl. AED
Tue Jan 03, 2023
NPLQ Lifeguard incl. AED
Tue Jan 03, 2023
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