The Skills Sports Teach Us That We Take Into Other Areas of Life

Teamwork is a key part of any team sport, and this is something that will develop simply by being part of a team. Football is, however, a sport that requires a strong team which in turn creates true camaraderie between team mates.

Children playing football to develop teamwork skills

Football requires a team of 11 players to organise themselves, follow instructions and use their players to the best advantage. Not only does this take great communication to ensure everyone is understands the team goals, but it is also essential for players to know their role within the team. Football is a great way for children to start understanding team roles.  If players do not play as a team, they will get fatigued and be ineffective. A tip that footballers are taught early on in school is that a ball travels faster than a player. The way to win is the use the team mates as the ball to outplay opponents.

Luke Heapes, Head of Fitness at Aura Leisure adds that “being part of a team teaches children the effects of responsibility and accountability. When this is nurtured and taught to the kids properly, it turns into discipline. The kids who really want to help the team over themselves take responsibility and accountability over their cause, leading to better personal effect, leading to better outcomes for the team. The hard part is getting the kids to value the team performance over their own individual performance.”

Outside of sport, working as a team is essential in most jobs. Team work is regularly ranked as a top factor to recruiters and is pinnacle to success, as well as general safety and well-being.

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