Aura Leisure Celebrate Our Irish Roots

Last week Aura Leisure spent the build up to St. Patrick’s Day celebrating our Irish roots as a company since the early 1980’s.

Over the week we posted on our social media platforms to inform people about us as an Irish company and also how we try to support the local communities we have centres in, as well as all over the country.

The first of our posts described how we are proud to employ over 400 staff across our centres and were named Ireland’s 11th Best Large Workplace earlier this year. As well as this we have been providing training courses to people all over Ireland for over 40 year’s now, as we try to help people build the career they desire.

Next up we shared how we have been 100% Irish owned since 1982 and have grown to have 10 different Aura Leisure centres spread across the country in order to contribute to a Healthier and Happier Ireland.

Another key area we try to make a meaningful difference in is supporting our fellow local businesses. A goal we have been investing in by putting over €12,000,000 back into the local economy each year while sourcing from small Irish businesses and suppliers.

While recogising our Irish roots and our proud contributions to the nation we thought it would only be right to mention our commitment to creating a sustainable Ireland. We have created an award-winning 5-point plan to help lower our carbon footprint. This has in turn led us to saving over 1 million trees though our carbon reductions. While we have also reduced our electricity usage by 53% over the same 10-year period.

Last, but certainly not least we are delighted to be able to help Irish charities and foundations in any way possible. These include our work with the Irish Wheelchair Association and the Pieta’s Darkness Into Light campaign. Bodies like these do so much for the people of our proud nation and we are always willing to provide whatever help we can to assist them. Without helping them we would not be living by the values we promote within our company.

Each of these points are just some of reasons we are proud to be Irish and support our fellow Irish people and businesses, and we would like to thank everyone who helps us perform our jobs to the best of our abilities each and every day. Our ultimate goal is to build a Healthier and Happier Ireland for all and through our continued work to help others we believe we can achieve this mission through actions like the ones mentioned above.