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Aura Boxercise is an innovative and fun way of keeping fit. Based on the training concepts that boxers use to keep fit, Aura Boxercise is a cardio-based workout focusing on toning and fitness. The group fitness class features a range of diverse exercises including boxing drills and abdominal movements. 

Aura Boxercise is ideal for every age, gender and sporting ability. No previous athletic capability is necessary, so it’s perfect for beginners.

During the class you will learn actual boxing skills at a beginner level. You’ll learn how to punch safely and effectively, and as you progress you will be taught more complex combinations involving footwork and body moves. Boxercise is non-contact, so although we will be simulating boxing moves, there is no actual hitting involved.

Main benefits:

  • Expect to burn between 375 to 450 calories per class
  • Improved flexibility, motor skills and reaction time
  • Builds endurance & stamina
  • Improved coordination
  • Increased strength and stability
  • Helps with tightening, toning and building definition
  • Reduced anxiety and stress

Ideal for every

age, gender, and

sporting ability.

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