Progress Over Perfection

The sad truth behind health and fitness this time of year, is the fact that a lot of people have already thrown in the towel on their journey to achieving their fitness goals. Of course, we want the best for ourselves and its fairly common to have high expectations. However, life throws curve balls at …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Group Exercise Classes This Winter

Slugging it out on your own in a gym can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. No matter what gym you train in or whoever you talk to in the fitness industry, we’ve all been there. Solo training means you are not only accountable to yourself but your very own mindset. There is no external …

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POWER THROUGH those excuses. Push past all the reasons why you think you can’t, and focus on the reasons why you should. A happier state of mind, better body confidence, a more productive day, improved fitness levels, offset health problems – just a few reasons why you need to start exercising right now. Join Aura …


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How to Lower High Blood Pressure

We’ve all heard about the risks of high blood pressure and how it can negatively affect our health. High blood pressure has for a long time been identified as a leading cause of heart attack and stroke, two of the leading causes of death in Ireland.