Swim Academy Activity Packs

Looking for some fun and educational activities for your kids to do while they’re off on their school holidays? Look no further than Aura Swim Academy Activity Packs! When our Swim Academy kids aren’t having fun and learning life skills in the water, they are learning through fun games at home! Our activity packs are free to download for all.

Please share your child’s creations with us for a chance to have their artwork featured: Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using #AuraSwimAcademy or email it to information@auragroup.ie


1. Swim Academy Hide & Seek Kit

Aura Hide & Seek Kit features some of your favourite Swim Academy characters! Cut out the characters, hide them around the house or garden and let your little ones seek them out. Whoever finds the most – WINS. And, if you’re lucky enough to find a plain character then you can colour it in!!

Hide & Seek Pack Download


2. Swim Academy Puzzle Packs

Featuring puzzles, word searches, colouring & more! this pack has everything to keep your little ones entertained.

Pack 1
Pack 1 – Download
Pack 2
Pack 2 – Download
Pack 3 – Download
Pack 2
Pack 4 – Download
Pack 1
Pack 5 – Download
Pack 1
Pack 6 – Download
Pack 1
Pack 7 – Download


3. Easter Activity Pack

Need a break from all the chocolate? Why not download our FREE Easter themed activity pack!

Easter Activity Pack – Download


4. Spooky Halloween Activity Pack 1

Keep your little ones entertained this Halloween break with some fun and educational activity packs! Learning doesn’t have to be spooky.

Halloween Activity Pack – Download


5. NEW Halloween Activity Pack 2

Looking for some spooky themed fun for the kids? Check out our Halloween pack filled with puzzles, crosswords, colouring pages, counting games & more!

Spooky Activity Pack – Download