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Gym | Aura Leisure Centre, Leitrim


Aura 'Fit for Life' Programme 

We have revolutionised working out with the introduction of the Aura 'Fit for Life' Programme.

Our 'Fit for Life' Programme is a purposely designed programme that changes the way that you workout. This is a new way of thinking when it comes to fitness. It is about tailoring your needs, interests and abilities and motivating you to complete regular, moderate exercise with the guidance and assistance of our friendly, professional team. 

To keep you focused and excited about achieving your goals, Aura has established 'Fit for Life' & 'Nutri-Fit' Programmes exclusive to Aura Members. No other gym or leisure centre offers a tailored lifestyle plan that incorporates both exercise and nutrition.

Everybody is different and so are their reasons for wanting to get into shape. Some may want to drop a dress size while others want to be fitter, get in shape and have more energy. Whatever your reasons or goals are, we’ll be with you all the way to assist with best practice in achieving your desired results. Not only that, Aura has established a large variety of group exercise classes and courses for you to choose from to help you along the way. 

Never again will you lose interest or get bored during your workout.

But that's not all - we know that no matter how good your intention, or how strong your motivations, everyone needs a bit of support and our professional fitness staff will be there to guide you on how to get the best out of your workout, keeping you motivated and encouraging you to fulfill your exercise fitness needs.

Get started today and benefit from our personalised training plan that includes everything you need to: lose weight, tone-up and get fit. Our team of fitness and nutritional experts have undergone extensive research to compile our latest exercise, nutritional and lifestyle plans which offers best practice on achieving your desired results:

  • A customised exercise program tailored to meet your fitness levels & goals.
  • Private ‘one-to-one’ fitness training and advice to help you get the results you want.
  • Professionally qualified Fitness Instructors to guide & instruct you step by step.
  • The most up-to-date and proven Fitness & Nutritional advice.
  • And most importantly, on-going motivation and support. 

Below are some sample workouts. Click to download: