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Kyle McGee

As a qualified Personal Trainer, and having achieved an award in Strength and Conditioning, my training philosophy focuses on keeping things simple. You don’t have to overcomplicate your fitness routine to get results. As a gym instructor at DKIT Sport, my job gives me the ability to make a difference in the lives of our members. Whether that is helping them become healthier, fitter, or stronger, I help them reach their goals. 

When I’m not working, I coach Under-12s soccer, work as an online coach, and train myself. Whether that is running, lifting weights, or chasing the dog around the garden, I like to keep myself active. 

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Matthew Reilly

I’ve been working for Aura since 2016 and am currently in the role of Duty Manager in the Dundalk centre. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Swim Teacher and Lifeguard. I have great variety in my role at Aura and the part I love most is meeting people from all walks of life and helping them in any way I can to achieve their fitness goals.  

I have gained a wide range of experience over the years; working on reception, teaching fitness/swim classes, assisting the lifeguards with pool tests, assisting staff and members and covering any areas that need assistance or breaks. I am also the Health and Safety representative for the facility which involves carrying out checks and maintaining the highest standards for customers and staff.  

In my experience, the majority of people are looking for informed guidance when it comes to exercise and reaching their goals.  

The area I like to focus on is weight loss. Education on foods and calories is a game changer when it comes to losing bodyfat and this combined with consistency (as with every fitness goal) is the key. I love to see people making progress and I see it a lot. The people who make progress are those who stick to a plan and have trust in the process – they turn up day in, day out, even when they are ‘not in the mood’.  

Another important aspect in Fitness (and life) is goal setting. If you don’t have a goal and a plan to achieve that goal then you are just drifting along aimlessly. I set weekly, monthly and yearly goals for myself and I encourage my clients to do likewise. An example of one of my goals is: read one non-fiction book each month. That’s twelve books per year and a lot of new knowledge gained. A goal I set for myself last year was to be under 10% bodyfat and I achieved it in September. This year my fitness goal is strength. I find that having clear goals keeps me motivated to progress and achieve. 

Other things I enjoy are spending time with my family and friends, watching football – in particular Manchester United. I have a one-year-old German Shepard called Bear who I walk twice a day which helps keep my step count up – still not sure if I walk him or he walks me but we get it done lol! 

Exercise makes me feel good physically and mentally, so working in the industry makes me extremely happy and motivated to help others. I recently set up my own Online Personal training program. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @ Matthew Reilly Fitness. 

Paul Coates


I began my career in fitness after a successful work placement at Aura Leisure Tullamore back in 2011. I have progressed through various roles up to the position of Duty Manager. I also hold a Higher Certificate in Business Sport & Recreation from Athlone Institute of Technology. 

In 2014 I qualified as a Personal Trainer in the National Training Centre but have always had a passion for all thing’s fitness related. I have helped hundreds of people work to achieve their fitness goals whether it be through one-on-one instruction or group-based fitness classes. I have also worked with a huge variety of groups from the “Tullamore Triathlon club” to “Rehab Care” and “National Council for the Blind Ireland” as well as local schools.  

As a young athlete I enjoyed much success, winning 8 championship medals in Gaelic Football at underage level and retired from football at the ripe old age of 21. My fitness bug then directed me towards bodybuilding, running and eventually CrossFit. 

After a short break to focus on my long-term career goals, I now balance life as a part-time Gym Instructor and as a Retained Firefighter in my local community. I understand the needs of every client is different but my approach of mastering the basics is always the same.  

Patrick Joyce

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer specialising in nutritional sciences and fat loss. I’m also certified in the ‘Science of Nutrition’ by Dr.Layne Norton, accredited by The Clean Health Fitness Institute and I have a keen interest in the scientific principles of weight management, thermodynamics and principles of conservation of energy and mass and how they apply to changes in human physiology, more specifically weight management. 

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years and I’ve enjoyed helping hundreds of people get fitter, healthier and gain a greater understanding of what ‘sustainable’ fitness and nutrition means. Fitness has been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I competed in swimming and boxing, both at a high level. I’ve competed at division 1 at national level in swimming and won the Dublin Boxing championships at 15 years of age. I’ve competed in K1 kickboxing, and I also compete in CrossFit competitions all over the country. My hobbies and interests include handball, guitar playing, CrossFit and studying all things fitness and nutrition related. 

Professionally, my main goal is to breakdown and separate the facts from the myths of fitness and nutrition into easily digestible morsels (pardon the pun), and to do it with honesty and integrity so that everyone can have the knowledge to succeed and achieve their goals. 


I have written a book, ‘Principles of Fatloss’, which is free to download here: