Why You Should Add Resistance Bands to Your Workout

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile and effective pieces of exercise equipment you can train with. They’re like an all in one gym because there are so many different exercises you can perform with bands for a total body workout. Using resistance bands is a great way to add variety or progress your workout – they add an extra challenge to bodyweight exercises but don’t put the same sort of pressure on your joints that weights like dumbbells and machines do but still result in serious strength gains.

Bands don’t rely on gravity for resistance so you can perform a variety of exercises at different angles and they’re also great for targeting smaller stabilising muscles that you may not typically work. Research also shows that engaging in resistance band training improves balance and flexibility. The benefits are endless!

Resistance bands are cheap, small, lightweight and easy to store, making them easy to travel with and exercise on the go! So if you don’t feel like hitting the gym or are on the go travelling with work, there are endless resistance band exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Major plus is if you drop one on your toe, it will cause you 100% a lot less pain than a dumbbell would!

Choosing a resistance band: Resistance bands are usually colour coded by strength levels.  If your new to resistance bands start with the lowest strength which is usually green and you can work your way up the levels. The lightest band in the pack is approximately the equivalent of a 5-pound dumbbell when stretched fully. Your lower body will be able to crack on with a medium level straight away as the leg and glute muscles are larger and stronger than the upper body by design.

We’ve designed a total body resistance band workout to get you started, check out Niamh’s 2 exercise videos for ideas on arms & back and legs & bum here:

Niamh Holohan

Fitness Instructor/Group Events & Communications Manager