Exercise is the Antidote

This time of uncertainty brings an overwhelming sense of fear, panic and worry. Words like isolation, pandemic and lockdown are causing huge stress and anxiety. We are all struggling to cope,  we want you to know we are are all in this together and we must not allow it to over power us. Although we have so much to complain about, we must try to be positive in such a negative situation. We must try to be grateful and be kind, this is a sign of great strength. For those of you who are fed up  hearing such cliches, the one thing about them is they’re always true!

We as Instructors in Aura have a very special gift.We give the gift of exercise to our members every single day, we make a difference in peoples lives through exercise. We know how our exercise programmes and our classes help you to manage your stress, and help you cope with difficult challenges you face in your life,  and how amazing you all feel after a session or a class. We know coming in to us in Aura everyday is a part of your life, and we know how much you are missing it right now. We miss you too,  we genuinely care about each and every one of you, and we hope you are staying safe and continuing to look after your mind and your body.

Exercise has never been more important as it is now! It is still a part of your everyday life and it will help you to cope and conquer every day at home.  We may not be able to shout at you to get down lower, or jump higher or move faster but our online classes will keep you strong and fit and well until we can shout at you again, which we hope will be very soon.

There is no antidote for this awful virus, but there is an antidote for how we are all feeling, and that is Exercise. 30 mins of Exercise everyday will instantly boost your self esteem, relieve stress and worry, make you feel good about yourself and in control of your life. Exercise strengthens our Immune System expelling bacteria from our lungs and our nasal passage effiecently and effectively, and the small rise in our body temperature mimicks a fever helping us to kill unwanted germs.

Exercise is our mechanism for coping and getting through this terrible time. Embrace it! Your body will thank you and your mind will thank you. Life is full of ups and downs, we in Aura call them squats. Now give me 20.

Sandra Mc Cormack

Duty Manager – Aura Tullamore