Adult Activities To Support Mental Health

So at the moment we are all stuck at home self-isolating or in quarantine, many of us are away from our families and definitely away from our friends which can be extremely tough mentally. To get us through this stressful, boring and worrying time it would be benefical if we used this time for good, whether it is learn a new skill or pick up an old hobby you used to love. Below are some suggestions as to activities you can do on your own or as a family to help use this time for good and to keep our minds busy.

● Re-decorating – everyone has a room in their house that has seen better days. Even if you cannot get hold of the materials you would need, a deep clean and reorganisation of the room can really spruce things up.
● Tidying up the garden – plant some new flowers, dip up the weeds, give the garden furniture a clean ready to be used this summer.
● Rekindling a love for a hobby that you used to do when you had more time
● Take an online course and learn a new skill that you have always been interested in. Alison provides free online courses in many different topics https://alison.com/, with the app Duolingo you can learn a new language or brush up your skills for free
● Teaching your kids a new skill that is fun and engaging and that will also get them involved and provide bonding time.
● Download some brain game apps on your phone and get your mind working, such as Words With Friends https://apps.apple.com/us/app/words-with-friends-classic/id321916506
● Play a board game with your family, most family homes have a variety of board games that haven’t been taken out in some time, now is the time to dust them off!
● Put together a jigsaw puzzle
● Pick up the book you’ve been meaning to read
● Try cooking a new recipe or baking some treats to enjoy

Amy Finn / Personal Trainer Aura Youghal